• Philip Tse
  • Kim Meredith
  • Gabriel White
  • Kingsley Spargo

Soundscape designer and musician Kingsley Spargo has curated a tripartite collaboration with multi-media artists, Philip Tse, Kim Meredith and Gabriel White. Forming the basis of his PhD thesis exploring the nuance and navigation of creative collaboration, the three groups have produced works that seek to riff and respond to one another’s mahi.

With the towering presence of (Reach) a 4 x 3.2 metre photographic print mosaic self-portrait by Philip Tse and his abstract paintings The Next Station is #1 and The Next Station is #2 (acrylic on canvas) immediately greeting the viewer, it becomes clear that Spargo has designed a dynamic setting. There is an abundance of generosity with Philip Tse giving over his highly visceral and emotionally laden moving images, produced a decade ago at Elam School of Fine Arts during a time of profound loss. In Caveman, Smackman, Last Cry/First Breath, Knifeman, Kiteman and Cardinal Directions, Tse invited writer Kim Meredith to create poetry and Kingsley Spargo, sound design for these works. The result, he says, is the ‘elevation’ of his moving images to a level that that is even more compelling and evocative.

Ear to the Ground is the nomadic urban wanderings and explorations of Spargo and Gabriel White, seeking to discover instruments in their surrounding city of Tāmaki Makaurau. An abandoned supermarket trolley is played like a three-dimensional xylophone by Spargo; White with his six foot plus frame, commandeers a large piece of broken concrete, standing on it, proceeding to twist and turn, scraping the footpath and producing an all too familiar gouging sound, that in its familiarity becomes mesmerising, particularly for the urban dweller.

A dot growing against the black sky takes its name from a line in Meredith’s poem and speaks of what will become, is this a new beginning or the end? Spargo shows us in the works produced the brilliance and challenges of collaboration across mediums can produce wondrous results.

A dot growing against the black sky artist talk – Sat March 16, 1pm – 3pm. Free entry, please email to register.

Weather permitting Kingsley Spargo and Gabriel White will invite those attending to experience exploring sounds in their immediate urban area with a tour of Symonds Street in the vicinity of the gallery, please wear appropriate footwear.

Philip Tse and Kim Meredith will join Spargo and White after the tour to discuss the works created.

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