• Harry McAlpine

Laree Payne is pleased to present A Fly In The Wind, an exhibition of new work by Harry McAlpine. Jigsawing together with God from the Machine (McAlpine’s 2022 exhibition with the gallery), A Fly In The Wind commences and continues with a lone figure, wading through waist-high water, shrouded in an emergency blanket. Despite the ominous circumstance and proximity to reality, McAlpine’s subject appears calm, his movements composed, his mind at ease.

In the age of entertainment, distraction, and resulting apathy, McAlpine serves a contemporary rendering of the common idiom: to bury one’s head in the sand. Delivered via his mechanistic hand, McAlpine’s dystopian drawings continue to explore the human psyche in his typical style: absurd, hyperbolic, Orwellian.

Opening Hours

  • Wednesday - Friday: 11-4pm
  • Saturday: 11-3pm
  • or by appointment


  • 286 Victoria Street
  • Kirikiriroa, Hamilton