• Diva Blair

Artspace Aotearoa is pleased to launch the most recent mural commission in parallel with the new artists exhibition.

A Gradient of Us by Diva Blair looks at organic patterns that occur within the natural world. Fluxing between wood grain and water ricochet, the work aims to reflect the vibrational and transcendental quality of the ecosphere.

Accessed via QR Code, the mural is paired with a sound work composed by K.R Woon.

About the Artist

Diva Apollonia Blair (Pākeha) is a multi-disciplinary artist residing in Tāmaki Makaurau. Primarily focusing on painting and woodwork, Blair seeks poignant moments within the everyday to rasterize as artistic works, often reimaging life through a filmic and painterly lens.

Blair’s public outings include, Full Throttle with Te Ariki Alistair Taniwha and Adrian Fierro (2018), Spiritual Anxiety with Te Ariki Alistair Taniwha, Punk Cafe (2017) and The Tomorrow People with Christina Barton, Stephen Cleland and Simon Gennard, Adam Art Gallery (2017).


  • Viewable 24/7


  • 1/300 Karangahape Road
  • Newton, Tāmaki Makaurau, Auckland