• Shintaro and Yoshiko Nakahara

In their exhibition Affection, Shintaro and Yoshiko Nakahara look to the current season of spring in their first home, Japan. This is a special time of the Sakura or cherry blossom flowering season, one of celebration associated with new beginnings.

Cherry blossoms are a symbolic flower in Japan, representing renewal and the fleeting nature of life.

During this season in Japan people practice the custom hanami, ‘watching the blossoms’, a cultural tradition which can be traced back over a thousand years. Schools and offices hold celebration parties where people enjoy eating and drinking underneath the Sakura. This special time of year offers people the chance to connect and welcome new friends.

Affection is imbued with a sense of celebration and abundance as Sakura blossoms burst forth across this series of new paintings from the Nakaharas. Shintaro and Yoshiko work in collaboration in their delicate and distinctive style: Shintaro working with his bold colours and fluid forms, which references the motions of calligraphy, while Yoshiko layers intricate ink work to complete their dynamic paintings.

Art writer Lana Lopesi observes the artists’ in collaboration:

“Each artist’s unique understanding of the other allows the pair to achieve the balance and compromise required to give physical form to the mental collaboration taking place between them. This exchange of contributions continues until both artists agree that the work is complete.”

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