• Richard Maloy, Steve Carr, Seung Yul Oh and Lauren Lysaght

All I want to be is a family focussed exhibition from The Dowse collection, featuring artists who use imagination, experimentation and play to explore their ideas.

The exhibition is named after a curious self-portrait by Richard Maloy, where he has wrapped himself in tinfoil to imitate a sculpture. Richard likes to transform everyday materials in his artworks, while incorporating make-believe and dress up to encourage us to question what we see.

Steve Carr, another of the artists in All I want to be, reveals his yearning to become a rock star by playing the air guitar, while Seung Yul Oh surprises us with a larger than life toy from his childhood in Korea. Lauren Lysaght—who also enjoys using unusual materials—has created a baby’s blanket, which looks comforting at first, but on closer inspection, is made from snake skin.

The artists in All I want to be show us how creativity can help us to ask questions, seek answers, and learn more about ourselves too.

Opening Hours

  • Open Daily 10am–5pm


  • 45 Laings Road
  • Lower Hutt, New Zealand