• Sofie Muller, James White, Marie Harnett, Kemal Seyhan, Ruth Cleland, Kevin Malloy, Ceara Metlikovec & Gary McMillan

Fox Jensen McCrory is thrilled to present the curated exhibition Analogue. The exhibition brings together painting, sculpture and drawing to quietly celebrate the notion of analogue, not only as a counterpoint to the compressed and clipped digitisation that increasingly overwhelms our visual world but to remind us that seeing is a deeply felt, analogue opportunity that feels more relevant than ever.

Included for the first time are works by Sofie Muller (BEL), James White (UK), Marie Harnett (UK), and Kemal Seyhan (TUR). We are also delighted to again present works by Ruth Cleland and Kevin Malloy, who will show alongside gallery artists Gary McMillan and Ceara Metlikovec.

Analogue was conceived as a project about touch…about the joy and fulfilment that one has in making. Each of the works carry the happy burdon of labour, of facility and time. And yet amidst this awful moment touch has been denied too many who needed it more than ever. It is now avoided as a function of both policy and fear.

We all crave a time when touch will resume, when my space becomes your space becomes our space. Until then be sensibly distanced, be safe and well and feel free to come and enjoy Analogue quietly.

Opening Hours

  • Tuesday - Friday 11am - 5pm, Saturday 11am -3pm


  • 10 Putiki Street
  • Auckland, 1021