• Rob Cherry and Neil Pardington

Over the coming weeks {Suite} Wellington will be featuring the work of all of our artists in a series of weekly rolling exhibits. Organised chronologically, artists’ work will be exhibited in the order that they joined the gallery.

This week's install at {Suite} Wellington features a selection of works by Rob Cherry and Neil Pardington. Rob Cherry joined the gallery in 2009. Known for his surreal and humorous collages, he is a self-taught, multi-media artist. Out of it (2017) was first exhibited as part of The Shit: Rob’s 2017 solo {Suite} exhibition of collage and sculpture. Bald Alice (2020) is a new work; this melancholic drawing of an ageing rockstar is also available as a print — one of an edition of three.

Neil Pardington also joined the gallery in 2009. Shown here are two of the artist’s earlier works: Pool (1999) is taken from Neil’s Elsewhere series, first exhibited at Wellington’s City Gallery. As described by Lara Strongman here, these images picture the talismanic objects of Neil’s New Zealand childhood: balloons and caravans, or as in this case, a swimming pool. This series of works, as Strongman goes on to say, capture the “sad persistence of the past in the present, exuding a feeling of things not as they were then, but as they are now”.

Details of available works by all of our artists may be viewed in our secure online catalogue, here.

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