• Angela Singer and Daniel Unverricht

Over the coming weeks {Suite} Wellington will be featuring the work of all of our artists in a series of weekly rolling exhibits. Organised chronologically, artists’ work will be exhibited in the order that they joined the gallery. This week's install at {Suite} Wellington features a selection of works by Angela Singer and Daniel Unverricht.

British/New Zealand artist Angela Singer explores the human-animal relationship through her taxidermy, tapestry and more recently ceramic work. Driven by a concern with the ethical and epistemological consequences of humans using nonhuman life, her works invite a new way of seeing and thinking about the animal. Spurt V (2018) is an example of this goal; using found taxidermy and mixed media, Singer creates commentary on the way animals have been treated, often incorporating the death of the animal into the look of the work.

Born in the UK, Angela received a Master of Fine Arts from Elam School of Fine Arts, University of Auckland, graduating in 2002.

Daniel Unverricht joined the gallery in 2015. His paintings explore hard edged minimalist urbanism, with foreboding environs produced through a mixture of light and shadow. Cropped viewpoints of urban scenes are depicted, with the artificial light of neon signs and street lamps producing an ambiguous sense of lingering threat - further intensified by a distinct absence of people.

Daniel received a Master of Fine Arts from Elam School of Fine Arts, University of Auckland, graduated 2003. With an extensive catalogue of solo and group show exhibitions, Daniel’s work also sits in a number of private and public collections.

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