• Andrew Barns-Graham

These new paintings by Andrew Barns-Graham aim to rethink the intersections between personal history and collective memory to produce narratives about our relationship to the past and the aspirations towards our cultural future.

For an idea, a thing, or a behaviour to be considered cultural, it must be shared by some type of social group or society. People unavoidably carry several layers of mental programming and belong to a number of different groups and categories. A country, a religion, an ethnicity, a religion, a language, a dialect, an education, an occupation, a gender, a sexual preference.

So in this case, everyone is simultaneously a member of several different cultural groups and thus could be said to have multicultural membership. Thus no population can be adequately characterised as a single culture or by a single cultural descriptor. The more complexly organised a population is on sociological grounds, the more complex will its cultural mappings appear.

Opening night Tuesday 14th May, 5pm - 7pm.

Opening Hours

  • Tuesday - Saturday 10am - 3pm
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  • Tuesday 14th May 5pm - 7pm


  • 37 Scanlan Street
  • Grey Lynn
  • Auckland 1021