• Anitarewa Robertson

The second in a focused series of emerging artists’ projects, Tauranga Art Gallery is pleased to present the first public solo exhibition by Tauranga artist, Anitarewa Robertson. Robertson uses found and discarded materials to create sensitive and tactile works that bridge drawing, painting, collage, craft, and sculptural installation. In this exhibition, these materials embody a ‘lived’ experience beyond the physical, and the innate histories of the ephemera she collects provide a rich starting point for her work.

There are key materials – the window, the frame, the book, the brick – that resonate strongly with the artist both materially and symbolically that feature prominently in this, her first solo public exhibition. They are utilised by Robertson to explore the tensions and interconnections between past and present, inside and outside, presence and absence, value and worth, author and reader. Robertson is particularly fascinated by the potential for exchange between objects, materials and the viewer and sees these interactions as a subtly connected form of language – how is meaning created? And by whom?

Opening Hours

  • Daily, 10am-4pm


  • Corner of Wharf and Willow Streets
  • Tauranga, 3141