• Anton Hart
  • Jenny Bornholdt

These standing songs are totems of design (Anton) and language (Jenny). They represent the art forms the two love and have lived their respective lives in and around.

Anton perfected the practice of using sand to make sculptures in his exhibition Profile of an Artist at Bowen Galleries in 2022. For that show he sculpted heads of artists based on photographs of their profiles, then had them 3D printed in black bonded sand.

Keen to explore the medium further, Anton began experimenting with standing forms based on the idea of totem poles. Language sidled into his project and he asked Jenny, a poet, to be involved. She came up with phrases, three words at most, some of which feel like short poems.

Anton Hart is an artist and sculptor with a background in design and advertising. His experience working with cutting-edge media and creative technology allows him to explore ideas about representation and identity in a new way, reinterpreting traditional images and objects using modern materials and techniques.

Jenny Bornholdt is poet. Her most recent book is A Garden is a Long Time, a collaboration with photographic artist Annemarie Hopecross. She has worked with painters, book artists, sculptors, composers and photographers.


Group Instillation image, including Birdseye Blossom, 3D printed quartz sand, edition of 3 with AP, 107 x 488 x 107 mm

Abstract Thoughts, 3D printed quartz sand, edition of 3 with AP, 115 x 493 x 115 mm

Bothersome Bay, 3D printed quartz sand, edition of 3 with AP, 109 x 430 x 107mm

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