• Felix Jackson
  • Mika Turnbull
  • Ali Pang / AAPPA-PAPPA
  • A.J Manaaki Hope
  • Belinda Whitta
  • Bonnie Wroe
  • Robbie Motion
  • Lindsey Horne
  • Waiāio Ngā Mōrehu Elkington
  • Amit Dutta
  • Arie Hellendoorn
  • Javier Murcia

Artists on Artists is a group portraiture show where each artist is the subject of another artist’s work - like links in a chain. The audience follows the artworks around the exhibition to see how each artist has painted, photographed and created work of another artist. The annual exhibition features established and emerging artists such as photographer Felix Jackson, zine artist Ali Pang / AAPPA-PAPPA, Adam Portraiture Award finalist Waiāio Ngā Mōrehu Elkington and Molly Morpeth Canaday finalist Bonnie Wroe.


  • 10am- 6pm Mon - Friday
  • 9 -12pm Saturday 23rd March
  • 9am -12pm Sunday 24th March


  • 26 Constable Street
  • Newtown
  • Wellington 6021
  • New Zealand