• Terry Stringer

“I can scarcely believe that it is so long ago, but it was in the late 1960’s that Ann Robinson and I were at Elam Art School together. Along with workshops for painting, sculpture and design, we had lectures in history and theory. Back then when Art History was mentioned between ourselves, it was referred to as “Art, Truth and Beauty”. Those are topics that may not be currently appropriate, but even then, it was said with some irony.

With my exhibiting alongside Ann and to remember a friendship that goes back to then, it seemed right to make a sculpture that calls up those days.

Here is a piece, Art, Truth, and Beauty, where each element is integral, each image is built onto and dependent on the others. Art is represented by a hand, Truth the temple, and Beauty is the rhapsodic head. Perhaps it has the face of someone who has been looking at the light captured inside Ann Robinson’s glass.”

–Terry Stringer, 2020

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