• Cristina Popovici
Black Door Gallery Aotearoa Art Fair

Cristina Popovici
Cristina Popovici transposes bold gestures in an action painting approach to her canvases, arresting their spontaneous and raw energy for our contemplation and visual delight. Her technique involves a combination of instant brush strokes and slow motion pouring; the results are vivid, rhythmic and sensuous.

Popovici works with a number of different supports such as traditional canvas, Perspex, PVC, fibre glass, and metal stencils; as well as different paint mediums ranging from industrial paint, glass paint, ink, plaster, acrylic, spray paints and oils. These materials are a means to express her unique visual vocabulary of techniques developed over years of practice.

Letting her materials and physical energy guide the process is key to creation of the work, as the artist describes: "I do not sketch new works prior to making them, instead there is a process of internalisation where energy and emotion grows and builds until it bursts through my gestures and transposes on the canvas. I always say that there is no separation between body, mind and spirit, in the sense that the body is like a vessel for the energy to express itself. Therefore where I get inspired from is not as relevant as how I process it."

Popovici draws on a foundation of classical Fine Arts training; yet finds freedom in the modes of abstract expressionism. Popovici has over 20 years of exhibition history in New Zealand and Australia, with works in public and private collections.

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