• Gavin Hipkins

Starkwhite is pleased to present Block Units, Gavin Hipkins’ eighth solo exhibition with the gallery, from 14 November to 8 December, 2018.

Described as both a ‘tourist of photography’ for how he navigates the medium’s history, modes, manners, and mechanics, and ‘a great manipulator of the photographic artifact itself’, photographer and filmmaker Gavin Hipkins works across a diverse range of formal styles. His is an ever-evolving artistic practice that consistently explores a theme through expanded series, each a distinct body of work, and each frequently divergent from the other. Core concerns unite Hipkins work, however, including myths of national identity, exploration and colonisation in the modern era, architecture as both a subject and symbol, and how social and political ideologies visually shape the world we live in. His practice considers the ability of the camera to simultaneously capture the reality of the world and the deceptions and illusions of utopian fictions. Hipkins has often photographed fragments or indistinct objects, offered faint accompanying narratives, then woven these into powerful series.

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