• Devyn Ormsby (Devon Made Glass)
  • Doyoung Koh
  • Georgina May Young
  • Gooseapartment
  • Jessie Newman
  • Kiki Hall
  • Lexi Kerr
  • Lillie Balfour
  • Piao Xu
  • Ruby Joy
  • Yona Lee
  • and more…

she tiptoes through the house; her dreams lingering on books, cups, flowerssunlight peeks through the glass, humming.there is soft bread on the table, surrounded by plates and fresh drink.sweet and sour mouthfuls of conversations bubble, floating throughout the houseoutside she sinks into the plush grass - purple and yellow bursts of buttercup and lavender.

Buttercup and Lavender presents a collective feeling of individual experience. Curated by and composed of female artists, the space draws inspiration from curator Peter Shaw’s house at the edge of Pirongia.

The exhibition plays with ideas of hospitality and natural forms. Created around the idea of the sweetness of awe, the space is transformed into a scene of whimsy, celebration and memory.

Presenting a series of poetic and playful invitations, we are asked to view, pause, and explore. The shape of conversation sits patiently through multiple mediums with overlapping monologues and pleasing collective conversation. With harmonious colours, an experimentation of shape, and traces of individual touch, the space becomes living - an intentional organisation of house and home.

There is a strange familiarity in the silhouette of ideas and lingering touch of the past. It is a familiar home built with beautiful memories and daydreams in a pocket of solace.

“Come again sometime”

Written by @gooseapartment

Curated by Kiki Hall and Lexi Kerr

Opening Hours

  • Tuesday to Friday, 9am to 3pm
  • Saturday and Sunday, 8am to 5pm
  • Closed Mondays and public holidays


  • Pah Homestead
  • 72 Hillsborough Road
  • Hillsborough
  • Auckland, New Zealand