• Ada Leung
  • Ann Verdcourt
  • Lauren Lysaght
  • Eliza Barczak
  • Erica van Zon
  • Simon Lewis Wards
  • Gina Matchitt
  • Glen Hayward
  • Jay Hutchinson
  • Jeff Thomson
  • Joe Sheehan
  • Julie Collis
  • Lauren Lasaght
  • Madeleine Child
  • Oliver Cain
  • Paul Maseyle
  • Rob Brandt
  • Scott Eady
  • Wayne Youle

This exhibition utilises the New Zealand dairy as a cultural point of contact that represents ingenuity, economy of means, nostalgia and a sense of fun. It brings together works that depict everyday items, for example confectionary, fruit and Kiwiana – the kinds of things found at the dairy, or reference the dairy itself.

Curated by James Hope, Sarjeant Gallery.

Due to the necessity of interior building maintenance, Sarjeant on the Quay will be closing its exhibition space at 38 Taupō Quay from Monday 15 February until 6.30pm on Friday 19 February, when we will celebrate the opening of the 2021 Pattillo Project exhibition, Tracy Byatt’s An Impossible Bouquet. The following Tuesday 23 February is the submission day for the 2021 Pattillo Whanganui Arts Review exhibition.

While the gallery space will be closed, the staff offices and shop will remain open for business as usual.

For any further enquiries, please contact Jaki Arthur, Relationships Officer on or 027 577 4923

Opening Hours

  • Monday - Sunday, 10.30am - 4.30pm


  • The Sarjeant’s object gallery above iSite
  • 31 Taupō Quay
  • Whanganui