• Catherine Davies-Colley
  • Ros May
  • Alex Moyse
  • Jolene Pascoe
  • Linette van Greunen
  • Curated by Angela Rowe.

Cut with the Kitchen Knife is a group exhibition featuring new works by members of the art group Collective Practise. It is curated by Angela Rowe. The exhibition showcases work across a range of media including paper, ceramics, textile, printmaking, sculpture and installation.

In 1919 the German artist Hannah Höch (1889–1978) hung a collage in a group exhibition. The collage, a complex and tumultuous work, was titled Cut with the Kitchen Knife, Dada through the Last Weimar Beer-Belly Cultural Epoch in Germany. Using photomontage Höch cut and reassembled images to comment on the inequalities faced by women in the arts at institutional and interpersonal levels at the time.

The members of Collective Practise meet regularly to share studio research, reading, and talk through ideas central to their mahi toi. Working together in this way Collective Practise has created Cut with the Kitchen Knife, to share work that discusses their experience of contemporary social issues such as modern motherhood, relationships to place, each other, and materials in their art practice.

As part of the exhibition, Collective Practise offers a series of free workshops, an artists panel discussion and an opening night, covid permitting.

Collective Practise is; Catherine Davies-Colley, Ros May, Alex Moyse, Jolene Pascoe, Angela Rowe and Linette van Greunen.

This exhibition and related events has been made possible by the generous support of Whangārei District Council and the Creative Communities Scheme.


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