• Myreen Castro, Becca Chen, Ruby Dillon, Jhona Hidalgo, Nicholas Holmes, Lucy Lim, Katarina Markovic, Alisa Poltavskaya, Ahmed Rajeh, Emily Ramsay, Reuben Shortland, Marco Staines, Nathalia Va’afusuaga-Wright, Annika Van Vliet and Josie Wheeler

This exhibition showcases work by Auckland University of Technology (AUT) Art & Design students exploring experimental 3D animation and digital motion capture.

Motion Capture (MoCap) allows for the recording of bodily performance as pure 3D data. It is a technology traditionally used in the animation, visual effects and gaming industries, and was pioneered by companies such as New Zealand’s Weta Digital in films such as The Lord of the Rings, King Kong and Avatar.

In this exhibition AUT students use this cutting-edge technology to investigate more personal visions. Real-life movement data is used to drive the animation of a range of experimental 3D visualisations, from digital bodies in motion to particle simulations and abstract form. Informed by traditions of fine arts and experimental film practice, traditional and contemporary dance, digital art practice, motion graphics and music video, they bridge territories between embodied performance and its materialisation in the digital realm.

In association with AUT.

Opening Hours

  • Tuesday - Friday 10am - 3pm, Saturday - Sunday 8am - 5pm


  • 72 Hillsborough Road
  • Auckland 1345