• Mark Harvey

This exhibition brings artist Mark Harvey in collaboration with Woodlands Park Primary School Year 5/6 students who have invented sculptural forms to be used in a performance. For almost a week students tested out their 3D thinking skills, making small models from recycled materials while working alongside Harvey and practicing artist Christina Houghton. A selection of these models were then scaled up into larger sculptural forms by the group to be used in a performance at their school and at Te Uru. 'Drop the Ball' presents all of the participating students artwork alongside the larger performance sculptures. Over time more sculptures will be added by our local community to create a room filled with diverse 3D explorations of shapes that twist, ascend and multiply through the space.

Mark Harvey is an Aoteroa/New Zealand based artist, of Pakeha/Maori heritage who works with a range of approaches, especially performance and video. His work often engages with notions of productive idiocy, endurance, duration, social psychology, social justice, politics, climate change and various perspectives in ecology. He has presented in a range of international contexts such as the 55th Venice Biennale for Visual Arts, City Gallery Wellington, Letting Space, ANTI Contemporary Art Festival (Finland) and Trendheim Kunstmuseum (Norway). Harvey holds a PhD in performance art from AUT University and is a Senior Lecturer in Creative Arts & Industries at The University of Auckland.

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