• Ava Trevella

The dreams come and go
I’ve been perched up for a whilst

We’re in a noiseless world
Just sleepers, sleeping

Leaving fronds

I appreciate my surroundings
I wish for nothing

Whilst bathing in the hills
In the magenta glow

A furry vest
Inside an eagle’s nest

The search for an object that’s shinier

Creating an equal amongst the weight
A reasoning beyond the fate

Flying higher
The hills glow wider

They're bathed
They're bathing

In the southern light
That special kind.

Ava Trevella is an artist currently based in Ōtepoti, although recently completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts at Elam. Her practice is studio-led, using the medium of paint to explore themes of self, matter and place in different intensities and on different levels. Her work looks to the smaller lives of animals, the poetics of the human every day, and the various atmospheric spaces of inhabitation encountered in waking and sleeping states.

Eagle is an offering, or a glimpse into a different thought and pace, which is a culmination of the last few months of the artist’s studio practice across Aotearoa.

The artist's relationship to paint stems from her relationship with place. Having moved around the country frequently over the past few years, the paintings are a navigation of those experiences and grapples. Working bodily and intuitively, characters emerge in the paintings instantaneously through action and connection with the materials, her thoughts and the environment she situates herself.

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