• Maureen Lander & Denise Batchelor

Mokopōpaki is back in Covid-Conscious business, resuming their regular hours with the environmental exhibition Ebb, by Maureen Lander & Denise Batchelor.

Ebb. v. (of the sea or its tide) to move away from the coast and fall to a lower level or more generally (of something) to become less or disappear.

Ebb is a short, single syllable English word that refers to movement. Particularly the ebb and flow of sea and tides or the comings and goings that determine natural cycles of change and renewal. Ebb acknowledges these seen and unseen rhythms of life, and in the ironic proposal of an overtly different direction, creates a tension that brings opposing forces together.

Dr Maureen Lander (Te Hikutu, Ngapuhi) is a multi-media installation artist who has exhibited extensively (nationally and internationally) since 1986. Maureen has a Doctor of Fine Arts from Elam School of Fine Arts, Auckland (2002). Her contemporary artwork draws inspiration from her environment, her community and from woven fibre pieces in museum collections and early illustrations. In early 2019, Maureen moved from Hokianga to live in Whangamata near her family. She was invited to join the Coromandel weavers group, Nga Turuturu o te Tara, and mentored them through their ‘Raranga Taura Here’ project, Star Waka, for the Tuia 250 celebrations in Whitianga in October 2019.

Denise Batchelor is a visual artist based in Hokianga. Working mostly in digital media; photography and video, she has exhibited widely at home in New Zealand and abroad in Sweden, New York, Berlin, Scotland and Italy. Denise has a Master of Fine Arts from Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design, Auckland (2010). Denise’s primary interest was in photography until she realised she wanted the still image to do more and discovered film. She began joining selections of still images together to make video. Since relocating to the Hokianga, Denise also discovered the wonders of seaweed as a subject, and continues to experiment with this ephemeral and often unpredictable material.

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