• Fiona Amundsen
  • Susan Schuppli
  • Chia-Wei Hsu
Artspace Aotearoa

Ex-post is the follow up and conclusion of Ex-ante, an exhibition that took place in November 2017, the first exhibition curated by Remco de Blaaij at Artspace Aotearoa.

In Ex-post, three artists show cinematic and moving image works that help us think through both the emerging of new histories and imagine future potential. Documenting, speculating and registering are all tools to negotiate the future. The works look like they are driven by facts, data and scientific reality, but in fact, the star of the show is formed by imagination. All the three artists are linked by their focus on specific geographies in the world, specialist and sometimes fashionable equipment and their interrogation of political consequences.

Drawing from different eras and areas, what surfaces in the works are arguments to look differently at our histories, and listen to them more carefully before we conclude what’s coming next.

‘Ex-post’, as well ‘ex-ante’, are both terms used in global financial business in which one is predicting before events (‘ex-ante’) and predicting outcomes of those events (‘ex-post’). Both however are fairly imaginative and incomplete, as even in an ‘ex-post’ reality one would have many facts available (because the events have now happened) but one is still speculating.

When imagining a new international landscape from any professional or personal viewpoint, we can be assured that much of the world has generated tools that can help re-navigating it, not the least because of an ongoing pandemic for the last two years. We have witnessed a resurgence of controversial world leaders, together with the rise of climate awareness (not to be confused with acting on it) and the emergence of global disconnectedness as air travel came to a grinding halt.

Now, this moment in time needs a promising horizon that can ‘build back better’, or even a radical shift in the systems that have got us here in the first place. Before we do that however, Ex-post argues that we (re)connect to recent specific histories through the eyes of three diverse artists.

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