• Project 21:
  • Kay van Dyk
  • Joel Fitzwell
  • Katie Pascoe

Exquisite Corpse features Nelson-based jewellers Kay van Dyk, Joel Fitzwell, and Katie Pascoe, who operate as collaborative contemporary jewellery collective Project 21.

Based on the surrealist game known as ‘exquisite corpse’, they have constructed a series of necklaces in which each artist creates either the top, middle, or bottom of the work without knowing what each other has made. This collaging of different styles, textures, and media into a single object creates a unique visual collaboration between the three artists, and forms a series of playfully peculiar pieces of jewellery.

This version of the exhibition at the Ashburton Art Gallery and Museum will be the first time that all twenty-one works in this three-year long project have been shown together.

Opening hours

  • Open Daily: 10AM – 4PM
  • Late Night Wednesday: 10AM – 7PM


  • 327 West Street
  • Ashburton, 7700