• Yeonjae Choi

In Final Resting Place, Yeonjae Choi’s sculptural figures invite you to peer into their illuminated openings, revealing hidden realms nestled inside. Inspired by the cycles of birth, daughterhood, and home, Choi explores the interplay of exterior forms and interior space, transforming each sculpture into a prismatic experience. Echoing life’s intricate rhythms, these works reflect a form of femininity that is closely tied to maternal life. As vessels of tangible and unseen stories, they embody the intimate exploration of these interconnected themes.

Yeonjae Choi is a ceramic artist based in New Zealand. She obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts from RMIT, Melbourne in 2017. Choi’s works are a study of the relationship between interior and exterior of her sculptural vessels, experimenting with a range of media, ceramics, glass and light to create artworks that are equally seductive, unsettling and intriguing. The carved, lit up faces on the exterior of her vessels mask an interior world of private thoughts, trials and dreams.

Opening Hours

  • Tuesday - Saturday 10am - 4pm


  • 28 Clarence Street
  • Te Hau Kapua Devonport