"An elemental craft, one of the oldest in the world, pottery is an art form that is equal parts raw and refined. Ceramics are handcrafted art works that we use, admire, and live with in our daily lives. It is this uniquely ancient and intimate relationship that has led to the enduring relevance of ceramics as both an art and craft.

The top of the South Island/Te Tau Ihu has long been considered a home for ceramics. Its clay rich earth, robust arts community, and studio potters’ commitment to excellence, the ceramics from here are amongst the best in the world. The Suter Art Gallery has been part of the history of ceramics in the region as a champion and home for the work of these makers. Fire & Earth, a biennial group exhibition, is part of the gallery’s ongoing commitment to showcasing the best ceramics that this region has to offer.

As a selected and curated exhibition, the challenge put to ceramicists was to submit their best work to create a show that conveys the breadth and quality of the clay work made in this special region. These makers have been inspired by nature, history, contemporary life and clay itself to create an array of forms. From contemporary interpretations of traditional domestic-ware to conceptual installation pieces and perfectly realised vessels, the result is an exhibition that highlights the quality of ceramics produced by some of the best makers in the country. "

- Sarah McClintock

Suter Curator

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