• Yvonne Todd

For the three months of the 2021 Auckland/Waikato lockdown, Yvonne Todd became a hobbyist cloud photographer, looking to the sky for respite from the rigorous demands of her domestic world.

She said, "there was a sad urgency to this activity; my need to photograph clouds spoke of a latent frustration. That the sky was able to continually generate new ‘content’, (clouds) was a source of pathetic wonder to me.

I continued photographing clouds after the lockdown and into the summer, a task that became more obligatory as time passed. One day, I stopped and started scanning the ground on walks instead. What had I been missing during the months of looking upward?"

Emerging from this period, Yvonne embarked on several ambitious shoots resulting in Flayed Buttercream, an exhibition of six new works.

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  • Te Aro
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