• From Scratch

The Auckland-based art/music ensemble From Scratch has performed to acclaim around the world. Formed in 1974, it has one foot in new music (minimalism and improv) and another in post-object art (performance and installation). It is celebrated for its invented instruments, its egalitarian politics, and its engagement with the sensibilities and environmental rhythms of the Pacific. 555 Moons features films of performances, instruments and sonic sculptures, documents, drawings, and photos. There will also be live performances including Carhorn Hocket, performed using eight cars—with slamming doors, honking horns, and revving engines—on the first day of the show.

555 Moons evolved out of the show 546 Moons, curated by Andrew Clifford, at Te Uru Waitakere Contemporary Gallery in Titirangi in early 2018.

Opening hours

  • Monday - Sunday 10am - 5pm


  • Civic Square, 101 Wakefield Street
  • Wellington 6140