• Sarah Drinan
FUTURES Aotearoa Art Fair

Sarah Drinan
Consisting of shifting dreamscapes, Drinan’s paintings feature naked forms that contort and glow with fleshy transparency, underpinned by the vast history of figuration. Flesh is a paradox – a site of connection yet a reminder of impermanence and isolation. As such, Drinan pushes her figures to the edge of their singularity; they flirt with dissolution while remaining resolutely whole. Sometimes they connect or intertwine, and other times they become distorted and isolated, in a state of tension. Devoid of features, her subjects are reduced to a blurred physicality, perhaps hinting at a body that is sensation and transcendence itself.

FUTURES is a young commercial gallery foolishly conceived mid-pandemic with the express purpose of exposing important work of contemporary artists in the city of Narrm/Melbourne. The gallery occupies a sinuous but workable 55 m2 exhibition in uptown Collingwood.

Committed to smart and thoughtful exhibition-making, the gallery works with early and mid-career artists from Australia and further afield to realise potent shows and feed a hungry arts audience. FUTURES now represents a tight roster of artists while continuing its commitment to a dynamic and open program.