• Gavin Hitchings

Gavin Hitchings (1937-2018) brought to jewellery the mind of a scientist. As an entomologist he studied insects – their behaviour, the way they interact with the world and how we as humans coexist with them. As part of this he experimented, observed, researched and then repeated these processes all over again. He was a jeweller in much the same way. He meticulously planned his work, evolved forms within series, experimentations and that he continually revised and tested his ideas over time. His pieces were also informed and inspired by the natural world. Not insects, as one may expect, but geological features, coastal environments and time. But he also examined these forces through the lens of humanity - how do we translate our understanding of geology into built structures, how do we navigate oceans and how do we perceive time? What excited him was what we do not know, what is lost, and the power of time to transformation anything and everything.

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  • 208 Bridge Street
  • Whakatū, Nelson