• Grace Wright

Gow Langsford Gallery are pleased to showcase Grace Wright's inaugural solo exhibition, Alpha Paradise.

In an artist statement, Wright says: "My current body of painting explores surface tension through gesture and space, and it rethinks the historical context of painting today. Each of my paintings interweaves tonal colour planes throughout fleshy, coiling gestures. These curving, sensuous forms cluster into hives of pulsating drama before spinning out into areas of harmonious depth. This process is an attempt to build a fictional landscape and atmosphere of fantasy. Inherently intuitive and unplanned, each gesture responds to the last, mapping out an unknown terrain, creating a heightened sense of tension and release. The final composition emerges through attempting to draw out a logic specific to each work.

Colour is an important factor in creating this aura of fantasy and history; this particular body of work feels cosmic. During the Covid-19 lockdown I mostly walked at sunset. It was through the repeated action of walking I noticed, perhaps for the first time, the nuances of colour in our natural world. The subtle mandarin glow fading to peach with an opposing lilac to grey-pink as the light drained from the sky. The ocean too, had its own aura: a milky pastel blue, green, metallic. While natural, this palette also felt artificial to me, evoking the aura of some kind of uncertain cosmic future."

Read Grace's full statement here, or contact us for further details.

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