• Len Lye

Audiences familiar with Len Lye will recognise an artist who could improvise on a theme. 'Group Therapy' celebrates this trait with a trio of works demonstrating Lye’s interest in figures of motion and harmonic frequency. The well-known 'Rotating Harmonic' leads the way as the quintessential Len Lye sculpture – one of the purest expressions of Lye’s kinetic vision – accompanied by the popular 'Zebra', one of the Len Lye Centre’s most popular and thrilling works.

Rounding out the family trio is 'Watusi', a newly commissioned reconstruction from the Len Lye Foundation collection. An early 1960s work, 'Watusi' is a truly deep cut from the archives and guaranteed to be a new experience for fans of Lye’s work. Building on the kinetic principles behind 'Rotating Harmonic', 'Watusi' takes further inspiration from the Watusi dance craze that was popular in the United States during the early 1960s, resulting in one of Lye’s most musically and rhythmically sophisticated works.

Curated by Paul Brobbel and Emma Glucina.

Opening Hours

  • Monday - Sunday 10am - 5pm


  • 42 Queen Street
  • New Plymouth