• Judy Millar

Here You Are is Judy Millar's inaugural presentation at Michael Lett.

The exhibition features eight major works on canvas, alongside a suite of new works on paper, and a single gouache from 1989.

In a myriad of ways and with a diverse range of tools, Judy Millar applies and removes paint in order to explore embodied acts of making and how these enact particular forms of consciousness. With a palette made up of unexpected combinations of colour, Millar often plays with the tension between background and foreground. Directional strokes move in and out of nebulous clouds, blocks and intensities of hue. Painting at the service of gestures, for Millar space becomes a surface to be painted, one which can grow, extend and occupy built environments. Taking up space, works by Millar are often large-scale, engaging with installation they dwarf those who encounter them, acting as a reminder that people belong to gestures and that painting can be a shift away from the self.

This exhibition will run from March 9th to April 20th.

Opening Hours

  • Wednesday–Friday 11am–5pm
  • Saturday 11am–3pm


  • 312B Karangahape Road
  • Corner East Street and Karangahape Road
  • Auckland 1010