8th March - 5th May 2019


To Make Wrong / Right/ Now draws energies from across the Pacific Ocean to connect indigenous perspectives, knowledge and creative expressions from Asia, the Pacific and the Americas. The public program expands on the curatorial approach through diverse strands of public programming that encourage play, creativity and critical dialogue.

Further across the sea and about to start, the Honolulu Biennial is this year curated by Tongan New Zealander Nina Tonga. The strong New Zealand contingent are Natalie Robertson, Mata Aho Collective, Kalisolaite ‘Uhila, Janet Lilo, Jeremy Leatinu’u and Rosanna Raymond.

Honolulu Biennial 2019

Honolulu Biennial Foundation

  • 1111 Nuʻuanu Avenue, Suite 210/211
  • Honolulu, Hawaiʻi 96813