• Jimena Travaglio

'I never cared about the games they played', is a series of paintings produced in 2018 during her stay in Auckland city. It takes as reference, landscape features, posters of Heavy Metal and symbols of the masculine world, to recreate images that differ and contrast with the stereotypes of the feminine. The deformed, visceral, grotesque and darkness appear as constitutive components of that rupture. These elements are appropriated in post to recreate an environment outside of reality, but which alludes directly to it. Insomnia, fire, wounds, cracks, holes, debris, chains, vomit, snakes and volcanic lava, is what we face in this world at times too hostile and this looks to get worse if you are in a woman's body. The title of the series is based on a fragment of a Metallica song and refers in some way to an awakening, 'I never cared about the games they played'.

Jimena Travaglio was born in Viedma City, Argentina in 1986, she is professor of Visual Arts at the School of Visual Arts L.E. Spilimbergo, Bahía Blanca 2009. Her specialisation is in Public Art. Jimena participated in the Artists Program 2010, Universidad Torcuato Di Tella (YPF Foundation, Scholarship) and work clinic with Ernesto Ballesteros in 2011, she was part of the Scholarship ADI 2015 (clinic with Carlos Huffmann and Javier Villa).

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  • 20 Monmouth Street
  • Auckland 1021