Artist-Run Spaces

  • mothermother
  • Parasite
  • RM Gallery & Project Space
  • Satchi & Satchi & Satchi
  • Wet Green

In Residence is a new initiative for artist-run spaces at the Art Fair on the Mezzanine of The Cloud. In Residence provides curatorial support and has helped ensure that the full cost of participation is covered for each booth through successfully spearheading a Boosted campaign.


STAND D5: mothermother

mothermother is a permanent exhibition platform that activates curatorial practice.

the exhibition evolves as artists invite artists. the project fosters creative connections, providing space for exhibiting artists to make contact with those they admire, or who they wish to thank or reach out to, or simply acknowledge. it is an exchange of space. the taonga gifted to the project is the artists’ invitation to the next artist. this generational process is inspired by story telling and knowledge sharing in the spirit of our m|others before us. the exhibition aims to activate curatorial practice, challenging normative modes of gallery representation for the benefit of women artists in aotearoa.

STAND D3: Parasite

PARASITE is an artist-run gallery founded in February 2020 by Daniel John Corbett Sanders, presenting new modes of art-making, in particular those that often situate queer cultures within a wider conversation on the socio-political context of everyday life.

Parasite is located at a private residence in response to rising rental prices and the impossibility of renting space for a gallery. This form of gallery is responsive to recent gentrification processes in the local Karangahape Road area, however we are mindful of arts complicity in gentrification regardless if it is critiquing it.

Accessibility: Parasite is currently located in a steep narrow staircase which may present difficulties for those with physical disabilities. We apologise for this, please contact us for additional documentation and information on our exhibitions if you would like to view shows but have accessibility needs that our space doesn’t meet.

STAND D2: RM Gallery & Project Space

RM is an artist-run space, project office and archive.

Based in Tāmaki Makaurau, RM is a space that supports emerging artists as well as early career practitioners. We facilitate an ecology of critical discussion, experimentation and community, whilst creating a safe space for testing ideas and engaging with contemporary concerns.

Though we might look like a white cube, we are more interested in the potentials of an empty room – a space to gather, to think, to talk, to make, to share…

Established In 1997, RM is the country’s longest running artist-run-space. The current members of the collective are Ardit Hoxha, Ena Kosovac, Huni Mancini, Sarah Mohawk, Deborah Rundle, Mark Schroder, Shelley Simpson, Rebecca Steedman, Hannah Valentine, and Vivienne Worn. Previous incarnations of the RM project have included rm3, rm212, rm401 and rm103.

STAND D1: Satchi & Satchi & Satchi

Satchi & Satchi & Satchi is a gallery and artist-studio founded in late 2017, originally located near Saatchi & Saatchi in Parnell, but now located on Dominion Road. The gallery programme presents the work of emerging artists in Auckland and internationally, with the hope of platforming new modes of art-making that are unsupported in the commercial and institutional spheres.

STAND D4: Wet Green

Our address is a moving droplet, please check website for exhibition schedule.

Wet Green is a gallery project located in Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland. Founded in 2019 by Becky Hemus and Eleanor Woodhouse, Wet Green works alongside local and international artists at the forefront of emerging contemporary practice to produce tailored, site-specific exhibitions.

Opening Hours

  • VIP PREVIEW: Wednesday 24 February, 11am-5pm
  • OPENING NIGHT: Wednesday 24 February, 5pm-9pm
  • ART PARTY: Friday 26 February, 5-9pm
  • PUBLIC DAYS: Thursday 25 February, 11am-5pm
  • Friday 26 February, 11am-5pm
  • Saturday 27 February, 10am-5pm
  • Sunday 28 February, 10am-5pm


  • The Cloud
  • Queen's Wharf, 89 Quay Street
  • Tāmaki Makaurau, Auckland, 1010