• Luke Anthony
  • Shaun Burdon
  • Judy Cockeram
  • Rachel Hirabayashi
  • Megan Huffadine
  • Lynne Wilson

Indigo is a Central Otago based collaboration of eight artists featuring Luke Anthony, Shaun Burdon, Judy Cockeram, Rachel Hirabayashi, Megan Huffadine and Lynne Wilson.

While these artists are connected through their home of Central Otago, their art practices differ significantly, with subject matter ranging from reflections on the landscape, flora, fauna, environmental concerns and local history through to aesthetic and philosophical considerations. Representing the various disciplines of ceramics, painting, sculpture, photography and mixed media, Indigo was born out of a commitment to support one another through exhibiting collectively. This is the first time all eight artists of Indigo have exhibited as a collective at the Ashburton Art Gallery.

Opening hours

  • Open Daily: 10AM – 4PM
  • Late Night Wednesday: 10AM – 7PM


  • 327 West Street
  • Ashburton, 7700