• Dane Mitchell

Dane Mitchell’s Iris, Iris, Iris merges the visible world with the invisible, using the many meanings of the word ‘iris’ to explore the senses of smell and sight.

Iris fragrance infuses silk cloth, which is printed with images of the artist’s irises. Perfume swirls in a jar, combining the extracted scents of iris-related objects: the lens of an Olympus camera, an iris flower, a paper umbrella the exact hue of the artist's iris.

Hundreds of iris-scented incense sticks line the gallery. To burn these one after the other would take five years – the life cycle of an iris.

Gallery Hours

  • Daily, 10am–6pm (except Christmas Day)


  • 55 Cable Street
  • PO Box 467
  • Wellington, 6011
  • New Zealand