• Jonny Niesche

Please join us at Starkwhite Queenstown for our February exhibition, featuring new work by Australian artist Jonny Niesche. Exhibiting both paintings and lightboxes, Niesche’s practice revel in its materiality.

Jonny Niesche’s practice is celebrated for bold chromatic expanses and saturated tones that dissolve from one hue to the next in an unfolding play of light and colour. Surround by brass frames that capture the audience as unwitting performers in the work, his practice pulls in the viewer. From their polished surfaces to deep dark pools at the centre and the artist’s undeniably beguiling use of colour, Niesche’s practice shows his careful employment of spatial dynamics and the primacy of our senses. Trawling fashion, music, makeup, and his own practice Niesche digitally selects and distills hues to define the right experiential outcome, often one that offers a certain frequency to the gallery space.

Also exhibited in the gallery are works by Whitney Bedford (US), Bill Henson (AU), Seung Yul Oh (Korea/ NZ) and Gordon Walters (NZ).

Opening Hours

  • Tuesday - Friday 11am - 5pm
  • Saturday - Sunday 11am -4pm


  • 1/7 Earl Street
  • Queenstown 9003