• Kate Newby

Kate Newby is represented by Michael Lett in New Zealand.

The lumber room welcomes you to the first public encounter of New Zealand and New York-based artist Kate Newby’s prolonged engagement.

This exhibition marks the stated beginning of what slowly began two years ago: through site visits, conversations, and explorations around the city. Newby’s engagement will evolve, perhaps, for another year’s time, or when Kate has had enough, or not— whichever comes first.

A maker whose sense of time ranges from the instant to the geologic, Newby’s making is both nimble and gradual. Some of it is seen. The material time that Kate sets into motion doesn’t always progress as expected, and may digress while you’re not looking. A keen observer and an engaged researcher, Newby’s objects and their environments summon deeper and extended inquiry. So many aspects of the lumber room’s spaces, textures, and natural elements have been touched by Kate’s poetry. Areas unnoticed are seen anew, or unveiled in plain sight like a sudden quake of feeling.

Just this morning, talking with Newby, we express our excitement for her return. We talk about the time in between, away from here, what will emerge during this time, what will drop away. Already ideas are in motion for imaginary works, writing, and events for when Newby is here and when she is elsewhere.

Many things are possible when an artist is given time, support, encouragement, and permission to carry forward and reflect. An invitation to return to their work as a site, reserved for their experimentation. A chance to alter the past, to begin another future, or perhaps to extend the present . . .

Kate Newby (Born 1979 in Auckland, New Zealand) lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. In 2012 she was awarded the renowned Walter’s Prize. Newby graduated with a Doctor of Fine Arts (2015) from the University of Auckland’s Elam School of Fine Arts.

Opening Hours for the Lumber Room

  • Friday 12 – 6 and often available by appointment

Lumber Room

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