• Emma Hercus

Twentysix Gallery is pleased to present a new exhibition of work by award-winning multimedia artist Emma Hercus.

Emma Hercus appears to tap into a rich vein of nostalgia and personal history by delving into a long-lost suitcase filled with old family photographs. This act of foraging through the past not only bridges the gap between generations but also serves as a fertile ground for artistic creation. The photos, each a frozen moment from the past, offer her a palette of stories, emotions, and visuals to draw from. Her approach, characterized by abundant artistic license, suggests that she does not seek to replicate these memories exactly as they were. Instead, she reimagines them, perhaps embellishing, altering, or combining elements to create something new and evocative. This process allows her to explore the concept of memory and identity, how they are formed, and how they evolve over time. Her work likely resonates on a deeply personal level while also engaging with universal themes of family, memory, and the passage of time.

Hailing from Plimmerton, Hercus is known for her naive, semi-abstract figurative artworks, painted in brilliant, thick layers of brushy acrylics.

Join Twentysix Gallery for the opening night of Emma Hercus's first solo exhibition in Te Whanganui-a-Tara on Thursday, June 6th, starting at 5:30pm with drinks and nibbles.

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