• Alex Monteith
  • Anna Neumann
  • Arapeta Hākura
  • Caitlin Merriman
  • Cam Yeoman
  • Cat Hayward
  • David K. Shields
  • Doyoung Koh
  • Gui Taccetti
  • Jock Thomson
  • Latamai Katoa
  • Steve Lovett
  • Lara Newby

BENT is proud to present KING BITCH, a group show collecting a wide range of work about embodied queerness, celebrating queer identity, community and practice. It is presented alongside TRAVERSE by David K. Shields, an MFA project featuring photography and moving image work that celebrates queer communities and leaders of Aotearoa.

“I'm her king bitch, her trans whore, a kid showing his vulva behind her big cock.”- Paul B. Preciado, Testo Junkie, 2008.

There are many ways to be a King Bitch. One could be the biggest bitch to be king of all the bitches. There is a power in titles, in naming queerness to express oneself. We use labels and titles to empower ourselves and the people in our community; we use these titles to call out the binaries, to push back, to contradict and fuck with them. King Bitch explores the spectrums of one’s self-expression from femininity to masculinity or genderfuck; to claim power over our sexualities, our physical forms and our identities.

BENT is a collective of queer artists made up of staff, students, alumni and friends of Te Waka Tuhura Elam School of Fine Arts and Design.

Opening Hours

  • 04/10: 6pm-7pm (opening event)
  • 05-07/10: 12pm-4pm
  • 08/10: Closed
  • 09-13/10: 12pm-4pm


  • George Fraser Gallery
  • 25 Princes Street
  • Auckland CBD
  • AND Project Space
  • 20 Whittaker Place
  • Auckland CBD