• Sam Duckor-Jones

Sam Duckor-Jones moves a fluorescent pink lens across his heart to capture the fears, triumphs, daydreams & coping mechanisms of an aspirationally shimmering live-alone quiet gay in 21st century NZ.

Via ceramics, papier maché, bronze, poetry and pen & ink Sam builds communities…..unleashing occasional glitter bombs in his single toothbrush flat.

He has been showing with Bowen Galleries since 2006 and has work in notable collections across New Zealand. He is currently working on an extreme makeover home edition project; transforming a deconsecrated church in the depths of Greymouth into a gloriously bright and uplifting temple, worshiping all manner of pink and fluffy creations. This inspiring project has pulsed life and energy into the Greymouth scene, becoming a beacon and centre for arte400 and well being projects. Hosting poetry readings, musical performances, workshops and of course parties. As well as being an active host in the community Sam ventures into centres and continues his work teaching art.

Sam is also a poet, with two published books by Te Herenga Waka press. The text on Sam’s invite is as he describes it: “… an anonymized mishmosh of true interactions at one of my jobs in Greymouth.”

/ first they like to lean outside & smoke & stare or banter / then they come indoors where they make quick & tidy pastel works / celebration emojis / confetti by keith haring / they bring savouries & sweets to share with the other artists / & odd things too like for example / old items from their jobs where they work making / for example / plaster casts for dentists / ‘teeth?’ they ask ‘anyone want teeth?’ / meanwhile / at neighbouring ends of tables they’re painting one thousand tiny suns / ‘if we’re handing out pressies sam’ they say ‘we thought you might like these’ / & they pull ziplocs from their pockets containing jewellery from their mothers / deceased etc / at the time I’d been thinking about gender expression / I'd been reupholstering some chairs /

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Opening Hours

  • Monday - Friday, 11am-5pm
  • Saturday, 11-4pm
  • Sunday, 11-3pm


  • 39 Ghuznee Street
  • Wellington