• Lance Pearce

While You’re On Your Way addresses questions around possible roles for the title that is given for an artwork — whether that title be indicative, descriptive, allusive, expansive, essential, essentialising, controlling, complicating, playful, distractive, elusive, unreliable, or otherwise more than simply a label. The title may play various simultaneous roles depending on the work and the spectator, and their context of encounter. Absence of a title may in itself speak volumes: of omission, refusal, or asserted silence. While a title is not separate from the work of art, questions arise not only about the distinct significance of any title, but also about titling as a category of literature that serves to provoke thought, feeling, imagination. A title inevitably establishes filters and seeds trajectories for feeling and thinking in response to a work of art—for how ‘meaning’ may emerge. Yet such meanings are never determining; a title might be a provocateur but should not become the comptroller. Sensory experience is not directly translatable, even if a title appears to signify summarily. Titles develop between language’s conventions and excesses, where different registers of meaning intersect and interact, and where perception unfolds between emerging, changing and proliferating possibilities: this being the work that the spectator brings to the work of art.

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