• Gretchen Albrecht

Light Breaks features new paintings by Gretchen Albrecht made during the 2020 lockdown during which the artist also returned to working at a monumental scale. Though confined to painting in her home studio, isolation afforded Albrecht an extended period of research, reflection and space to work to her own rhythm, finding the experience liberating and immensely productive.

From this prolific time, the artist has selected two significant works for an exhibition that comprises of only three paintings. While familiar, celebrated hemispherical forms reappear, their potential meanings are also recast in observance of the great silence of isolation and the many who have passed away. Here, light breaking out of darkness can be seen as a metaphor for transformation, new horizons and new possibilities.

Opening Hours

  • Tuesday – Friday, 11am – 5pm
  • Saturday, 11am – 3pm


  • 16 Putiki Street
  • Tāmaki Makaurau, Auckland, 1021