• Ann Robinson

“Selecting works for an exhibition is a matter of finding the common thread – form perhaps, or colour, a theme or surface decoration or maybe size. Each selection – a different choice of related works – would result in a very different exhibition. These recent works all involve creative and technical risk.

My own mother was my earliest creative influence. She unfolded a process and by following its rules I realised that I could have a vision, and follow a process, and make a thing, an object, or whatever, that had meaning to me. I have often described my art practice as ‘making concrete my inner world’.

It was in 1964 at Elam Art School, where I fell in love with another process – that of casting. Terry and I both started there, beginning our separate journeys in casting. Casting is a process that is wonderful in its ability to facilitate the melding of ideas, feelings and material.”

–Ann Robinson, 2020

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  • 280 Parnell Road
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