• Stephen Benwell

From Melbourne... to Matakana. We're so excited to have the opportunity to show the delightful work of one of Australia's most original and magical ceramicists in the Studio Gallery.

There’s something so appealing about the enduring charm of these pieces. They hark back to sculptural traditions that are thousands of years old – taking us back in time to the renaissance as in ‘Statue, Blue Arm, 2015’, and even further back to the original Greek sculptures of The Parthenon friezes as in ‘Statue – yellow, black, 2016’.

Yet Benwell’s versions manage to occupy a space in our culture and time quite easily – perhaps relevant to us a reminder of gentle order and singular beauty, when it seems we are often surrounded by cultural chaos, and the flotsam and jetsam of plurality that comes with it. In a sense, these works give us a direct connection to ideas of human beauty and poise that have literally stood the test of time.

But don’t mistake these jewel-like masterpieces as delicacies or mere ornaments; they are powerful and robust statements of an artist’s career that has spanned almost four decades. We’re grateful and honoured to be able to share these Little Heroes with you.

Opening Hours

  • Friday - Monday 11am - 5pm


  • 39 Omaha Valley Road
  • Matakana