• Catherine Bagnall

Catherine's projects are often responses to our relationship with all other non-human creatures and plants we share in this 'more than human world'. Her performance works are explorations into human/non-human creaturely relationships and involve the creation of garments that have ears and tails and fur of other-ly creatures which she then wears on hiking trips. What happens if one dresses up as rabbit – can one feel a bit rabbity? and of course rabbits are pests here in Aotearoa. These garments with creaturely atributes and the possum fur muffs accessories are stitched with embroidery and beading of butterflies and plant motifs and have been exhibited alongside the photographed documentation of the performances. The performances have been archived and are now a source for the narratives realised in her recent water-colours.

Opening Hours

  • Monday - Friday, 11am-5pm
  • Saturday, 11-4pm
  • Sunday, 11-3pm


  • 39 Ghuznee Street
  • Wellington