• Tia Ansell

The art of weaving is intrinsically algorithmic. Weaving is bound to a set of rules and processes with the design process pre-planned and set. Tia Ansell uses her own coding system that involves the initial sketch of immediate landscapes, which is then codified and translated into the threaded gridation on the loom. The warp and weft either has the repeated code in both directions (warp and weft), or a second coded pattern is applied in the weft to create what Tia calls, a double image. The final step in her process is a flat and simplified geometry or pattern taken from the same location the weavings were based on.

Influenced by the art movements of Constructivism and Bauhaus, her practice is interested in the geometries of mass production. As such, Ansell investigates the history of formalism and object-hood as it connects through visual art, architectural and design discourses.

The title of the show, Long Distance, references Tia's chosen landscapes for her works. Locations from her local suburbs in Melbourne and various locations around New Zealand from her last visit in the summer of 2020 to Takaka, the Abel Tasman region and Auckland.

Opening Hours

  • Wednesday-Friday, 11am-5pm
  • Saturday, 11am-4pm


  • 241 Cuba Street
  • Pōneke Wellington