• Martino Gamper

Hookaloti is an online presentation of handmade hooks by Martino Gamper from 2018 - 2022. These works are all functional, yet decorative, designed to be used individually or in clusters. For this iteration, groups of hooks have been assembled by Gamper, each including a playful variety of materials and shapes. Made in ceramic, hand-formed glass, recycled plastic, wood, found objects, forged steel and sand cast aluminium, Gamper has piggybacked on various New Zealand workshops of friends and craft studios. This is a project about exploration, invention and collaboration.

All the work is informed by the place that it is made, the possibilities and limitations of each studio. The artisanal interests of each host has had huge bearing on what work has been made. Hosts include: Karl Fritsch, Rob Upritchard, Monmouth Glass as well as Shoal Bay pottery in Great Barrier, Rahu Road Pottery in Paeroa, Mount Pottery in Mount Maunganui, Nicholas Brandon in Kaimata and Barry Brickell’s Driving Creek Pottery in Coromandel.

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